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Effective March 5th 2013

Renewal of the TTPDES CGP TXR150000

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2013 RENEWAL of the TTTPDES 

Construction General Permit TXR150000

On March 5, 2013, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Released the Renewed Construction General Permit TXR150000. This renewed permit replaces the previous construction permit, issued on March 5, 2008.

With the Renewal of the CGP there are required changes to your existing SWPPP’s (Large and Small) and NOI’s will have to be refilled with the TCEQ. 

Changes to the Permit include:

Added definitions and provided clarification of permit requirements using language that is consistent with the 2012 EPA CGP.

Definitions defined:

Common Plan of development / Final Stabilization / Operator – Primary and Secondary / 

Definitions Added:

Construction Activity / Dewatering / Drought stricken area / Effluent Limitations Guideline (ELG) / Impaired Waters / Linear Project  / Minimize / Receiving Waters / Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) / Turbidity

Allow construction sites in drought stricken areas to inspect erosion control devices once a month.  **Permit already has this language for arid and semi arid regions. 

Revising definition of final stabilization to include the requirement for the home builder to retain documentation of site stabilization in the SWPPP for individual lots.

Extending allowance for the land disposal of concrete truck washout water to concrete batch plants located at the construction site.  **Rinsing only, no detergents.

Revised Impaired Receiving Water & TMDL Requirements and Expanding Language in this section of the permit.

Construction Sites discharging to a water quality impaired water body, where the impairment is caused by storm water, will be required to:

− Comply with control requirements in the TMDL or Implementation Plan.

− If no TMDL (listed only as impaired), required to address pollutants of concern.

 Added effluent limitations guidelines for regulated construction sites based on    the Federal Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs), which consist of a series of Best Management Practices. 

Removing the requirement for the primary operator to post a copy of the NOI at the construction site entrance.  The new permit only requires that Construction Site Notices be posted at the project site. 

Small construction site waiver effective date.

− Revising so that coverage begins seven (7) days from the postmarked date toTCEQ.  *Currently 48 hours.

− Electronic submittal through STEERS will provide immediate Coverage

All existing construction sites permitted under the existing TTTPDES Construction permit must renew their permit coverage within 90 days of the permit effective date (June 3, 2013) – This applies to Large and Small projects.

Please contact Brock Environmental Services and we will assist you with re-permitting all your existing projects and revising your project SWPPP’s. 

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